Paul Caris

VP of Sales

"Success is a function of persistence and doggednes and the willingness to work hard for 22 minutes to make sense of something that most people would give up on after 30 seconds." - Malcolm Gladwell-Outliers

How do you take your coffee?


Who plays you, in a movie about your life?

John Krasinski

Top 3 songs on your current playlist:

  1. Johnny Cash – Boy Named Sue
  2. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Tennessee
  3. Johnny Cash – Hurt

What is the next stamp on your passport?


What celebrity, alive or dead, would you most want to have a drink with?

Abraham Lincoln

Key Projects

  • Phoenix Senior Living-Union Hill,
  • Phoenix Senior Living Greystone Bluffs
  • Mundy Mills Phase 2


Bachelor's Degree - Marketing - Grand Valley State University


12 years Sales and production


Southeastern Commercial Painting