Mitchell Butler

Field Superintendent

"Hunting is not a passion, it’s an obsession"- Mossy Oak

How do you take your coffee?


Who plays you, in a movie about your life?

Burt Reynolds

Top 3 songs on your current playlist:

  1. Life in the Fast Lane – Eagles
  2. Come Early Morning – Don Williams
  3. Snake Farm – Ray Wylie Hubbard

What is the next stamp on your passport?


What celebrity, alive or dead, would you most want to have a drink with?

Steve McQueen

Key Projects

  • Terraces
  • Union at Auburn
  • Bluffs at Greystone


EPHS, OSHA Forklift, OSHA Safety


Delivery Puller 2.5 yrs, Material Handler 3.5yrs, PAR 3 yrs, SUP .9 yrs


Southeastern Commercial Painting